The Beginning

Khaldah Trading & Contracting Co is a limited liability company. The idea for establishing this institution has emerged according to a specific vision that looks forward to a broad horizon in which there are great goals and high aspirations that are not limited by constraints.Through a series of steps and stages that achieve this vision


Infrastructure Scope

We strive to be the highest Khaldah Trading & Contracting Co in the field of carpentry, iron and aluminum, and the general and leading the development of the system of trade and contracting through modern organizations and institutions that work on innovation and take into account the highest quality standards to achieve full satisfaction for our customers 



Quality and Excellence : The company is committed to providing scalable services to meet the high aspirations of the company and to strive for excellence through our commitment to provide our best quality.

Leadership and Teamwork : The company is firmly committed to strengthening individual and institutional leadership roles that drive the growth of the company, with its deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and teamwork.

Justice and Integrity : The company is committed to the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity and cultural diversity, and all employees are committed to the highest standards of honesty, respect and professional ethics.

Responsibility : We have the courage to assume our responsibilities towards what we do at all levels. We set clear goals, support and empower our employees, and urge them to take responsibility.

Equal opportunities : In a multicultural work environment like Saudi Arabia, it is important that all employees know that they have the same opportunities to progress, based on performance, not nationality.

Innovation : We are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our services, and to provide new ones that give customers the best tools

Khaldah Trading & Contracting Co

Khaldah Trading & Contracting Co Limited Liability Company, where the idea for establishing this institution emerged according to a specific vision that aspires to the broad horizon in great goals and high aspirations that does not limit restrictions. The founders of the advanced pillars have

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  • Address : Al-Tasheera Road - Al Rawaf Industrial Area - Al Rabwa District - Buraidah 52367 - Saudi Arabia
  • Fixed number : +966163264448
  • Toll Free : 8006174444
  • Mobile number : +966556046888
  • E-mail : khaldahco@hotmail.com